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Websites and web hosting (including SEO and Social Networking services)

“An MYOB report into New Zealand’s e-commerce economy has revealed that in the last year businesses with a website earned and sold significantly more than those who didn’t have an online presence. Of those without an online presence, a staggering 70 per cent said they had no plans to establish a business website.”  (NZ Herald Thursday Jul 28, 2011)

Brillianz recognises your website as the most significant public face of your organisation. We also recognise there are many websites that do not make full use their marketing potential. The quoted MYOB report does not surprise us as many organisations fail to fully generate the power of the web. Social networking, E-Commerce and Search Engine Optimisation are intrinsic features that will enhance the popularity of your website.  In building websites and website features, we help you to increase your visibility, target your audience and increase your customer base.

We are able to offer dedicated advice to your organization with regards to your web requirements. Besides, offering normal web development services, we do place quite a bit of thought and analysis over what the purpose of the website is. Have a discussion of creating an intranet within your internet so that there is an additional layer of information that pertains to a segmented group of people.

We are also able to utilize web partners to create ecommerce sites and ensure that your site in compliant with the various security protocols. Talk to us about social networking and making your website more interactive so that your customer does not approach your site as just another website.


Apps for Schools The SchoolMate App

As a natural extension of the Government’s installation of fibre networks around schools in New Zealand, we have developed various cloud based concepts that we develop for adoption into New Zealand schools. One of these “cloud based” concepts is an app for schools. We call it the SchoolMate app.

The digital world is being revolutionized through the medium of the smartphone. Schools are working through their teaching pedagogies with BYOD philosophies now dominating many schools’ thinking.

There are presently thousands of apps that are available to smartphone users today. We would like to invite your school to be one of the first schools in New Zealand to have a proprietary school app that could be downloaded from the Apple and Android stores. SchoolMate builds a native school application that is built directly from code. This will make the application faster as it is not built on a bulky CMS.

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