Managed IT Services & Infrastructure Solutions

We have developed a suite of monitoring & preventative maintenance packages to keep core business systems such as computers, servers, firewalls and backup media up-to-date and working to their full potential for our customers. The objective of the maintenance services packages is to pro-actively manage customer’s IT services to minimise system vulnerabilities and downtime.  

While we do offer on-site support, our customers really value the fact that within moments, and under the tightest security, our remote IT support experts can ‘get inside’ the system and see the problem for themselves. The engineer can see first-hand if the user is doing anything incorrectly and can identify software problems and fix them remotely. Speedy, cost-effective support delivered electronically. And because we are your one-stop shop, you won’t get caught in the crossfire between hardware and software problems.
Our network monitoring software offers true service differentiation that the competition will not be able to match! With the award winning Nod32 anti-virus software, we get a total security solution for your organisation. At the price of a just anti-virus solution, you can get:

  • Superior malware protection
  • Web surfing control
  • Application control
  • Removable media security
  • Secure Wi-Fi access
  • Managed “Smart” Firewall

Wireless Solutions



Brillianz Ltd is a Ministry of Education approved organisation to set up the wireless network at in schools. Brillianz Ltd has been involved with the setting up of Wireless infrastructure to almost 300 schools around New Zealand.

Through our work with Ruckus Wireless, we are very pleased to be given the 2014 award for “New Zealand Partner of the Year”.

In view of this, we are now in a position to offer a comprehensive wireless management scheme to protect your investment in the Ruckus Wireless System over the lifetime of the covered warranty. Our initial management plan featured a 90 day post instalment and configuration plan. We would like to offer you ourBrillianz Comprehensive Management Warranty Scheme that will work alongside the existing 5 year warranty plan that was purchased.

The Brillianz Comprehensive Management Warranty Scheme includes:

  • Continuous (24/7) remote monitoring of wireless activity through appropriate alarm settings,
  • Alerting the school if any part of their wireless system is malfunctioning,
  • Providing the latest firmware and product updates to Zone Director & Access Points,
  • Facilitating immediate warranty replacements for faulty wireless equipment,
  • Making configuration changes such as creating new WLAN (SSID) as per school’s requirements,
  • Remote support for any wireless related issues.
  • Monthly remote servicing of all APs and memory buffer clearing
  • Monthly Log Statements
  • Free advice on optimal wireless locations with a comprehensive heatmap
  • Quick replacement of damaged APs and Zone Directors.
  • Office hour access via 0800 or email wireless technical support

You will see that the list is very comprehensive and it is designed to protect the investment your school has made when it made its purchase. By opting to take part in this scheme, your school is only 1 contact away from help with your wireless setup.


About Us

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